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TLN developed a virtual fire extinguisher training simulation that educates employees on the practical application of a fire extinguisher, including the Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep (PASS) fire-safety steps. The VR training simulates the extinguishing of different scenarios using different extinguishers and environments. The first simulation features a “training ground” where the learner is required to practice putting out a virtual fire.  


The learner is expected to follow the process of identifying the fire, making sure that the extinguisher is in working condition, sounding the fire alarm, and identifying a safe evacuation method. Once complete, the learner is then required to extinguish the fire using the PASS method. The virtual fire experience measures the learner’s technique pertaining to the extinguishing action and sweeping motion to ensure they reach 6 inches in front of the fire and 6 inches past the fire. 

TLN – VR New Fire Extinguisher

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