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This powerful tool allows us to more effectively and affordably develop predictable interactive and trackable learning in virtual environments. The result? Faster builds for clients with an overall improvement to quality by leveraging proven and repeatable practices.  

With years of designing VR training systems for Fortune 500 companies, we at TLN firmly believed there had to be a more efficient way to build interactions rather than coding each one from scratch for every new idea.   

That’s why we created the Heavy Machinery Inspection System (HMIS). 


The HMIS helps reduce development and testing time for clients by using a consistent and proven path to scenario creation. What does that mean? It means we spend less time (and money) figuring how to build your VR experience, and more time focused on the quality of the learning outcomes.   


But it doesn’t stop there. HMIS also tracks and records user interactions, letting you pull reports for every learner in the system and continuously improve your training programs. Currently, TLN uses HMIS to develop VR applications for our partners in the oil and gas and mining industries. 


At TLN, we’re always looking for ways to do more with less. We know training budgets are often tight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to ground-breaking technology, experiences and world-class training. HMIS lets us do all of this and more.  



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