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The demand for eLearning solutions is expanding at an exponential rate as organizations seek the convenience, flexibility, accessibility and cost efficiency online training can bring. Choosing the right solution can be daunting. Every company, every organization, has different needs and objectives. Different resources and internal skillsets. Different training and evaluation requirements. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. The Learning Network has developed partnerships with the following eLearning solution providers, whose proven products and services fill a niche in the market. The goal is to provide a solid starting point for your search process.

Enterprise LMS for compliance training and eLearning

Offering unmatched flexibility for enterprise clients, Trellis is a comprehensive learning management system used for licensing, accreditation, qualification and continuing professional education. Trellis is the gold standard cloud-based LMS for compliance testing and certification accredited by the National Association of State Board of Accountancy (NASBA) to deliver eLearning to U.S. licensed C.P.A.’s. Trellis also offers a white label version, which is providing a custom LMS solution to clients across a diverse array of industries, including the automotive and medical care sectors. It provides a complete learning management framework, with the tools and advanced functionality necessary to accelerate professional growth, meet requisite certifications, and build an enterprise-wide foundation of intellectual capital. Enterprise clients include America’s big-four accounting firms, global automotive groups, leading medical schools, medical insurance companies, and casinos.

Flexibility and compliance across industries:

  • Scalable to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes (100 – 100,000+ learners)
  • Easy integration with other LMS and ERP solutions (such as SAP)
  • Highly customizable to specific business requirements
  • Automated record keeping (CPE tracking and reporting)
  • Is HIPAA compliant for continuing professional education in the healthcare sector

Partner Relationship Management Platform

Caterpillar, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz USA are among a growing list of corporations employing Performance Center to provide a framework and workflows to optimizes sales through channel partners. This powerful cloud-based PRM allows manufacturers to manage, grow, train and integrate their dealer network in the digital era. Performance Center provides an integrated solution that focuses on six key areas: Recruiting & Onboarding, Managing Lead Flow, Training & Enablement, Integrating Systems, Developing Incentive Programs, and Measuring What Matters (eg. channel performance).

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined dealer onboarding to accelerate time to market
  • Incentive program management to boost dealer engagement
  • Easy day-to-day interactions with a single login to all the information users need
  • Clear lines of communication throughout your network

Member-Based Digital Ecosystem

FUSE is an platform developed to allow manufacturers to bring together dealers, distributors, suppliers and agencies within their regional, national or global ecosystem. It can be used to streamline and coordinate training, connect with industry peers, and engage with topic experts to participate in active discussions, and much more. FUSE comes with an integrated suite of Partner Relationship Management (PRM), LMS, content management and collaboration tools. FUSE is being used by many of the world’s top manufacturers to strengthen relationships, grow business and built revenue through greater connection and collaboration.

FUSE provides manufacturers a centralized platform to:

  • Drive innovation and agility
  • Leverage workflows for managing new product launches, dealer onboarding and support, sales enablement processes, lead management and incentives.
  • Develop and coordinate training and certification courses for partners.
  • Provide the right information to learners so that they can perform their jobs efficiently and effectively
  • Connect with businesses and individuals outside their network to generate new relationships and incremental streams of revenue
  • Connect with other relevant audiences (eg. trade schools, industry associations, consultants)
  • Offer proprietary training content for sale to drive new and additional revenue streams
  • Develop thought leadership with content and discussion forums resulting in subscription revenue

Easy, accessible course authoring tools

What if you need a quick and easy eLearning solution that practically anyone in your organization can use to create a professional looking training course in minutes? One that doesn’t involve training the trainer! Breaze® is a course authoring tool that lives up to its name. This SaaS platform is available as an introductory freemium package, or can be unlocked to offer full functionality for a modest subscription. Integrate video and slides. Choose your testing format. It’s ideal for small companies without in-house training expertise, and can be used by enterprises for creating quick supplemental training on the fly.

  • Drag and drop templates
  • Anywhere, anytime cloud-based learning
  • Enables learning and testing via desktop, tablets, mobile devices
  • Ability to confirm lesson/ course completion
  • Robust analytic capabilities to inform course development
  • Economical priced for businesses of all sizes

Compliance Training LMS

SkilSure is a fully customized solution for gathering evidence to track competence in regulated professions, corporate training and apprenticeship programs. This powerful SaaS-based learning management system and competency testing platform has over 500,000+ users across North America and UK. SkilSure has become a gold standard for continuing professional development (CPD) programs across every imaginable industry. Ease of use, efficient course creation/ evaluation and analytic tools set SkilSure apart, and allow for fluid content updating in industries that are constantly evolving.

Key features include:

  • Customizable LMS solution and authoring tool
  • Self-assessment and benchmarking against professional standards
  • Association of required activities with standards
  • Submission of plans and evidence to support development experience to a personal electronic portfolio
  • Interaction with mentors who provide development advice and/or supervisors who approve plans and review progress
  • Instructor feedback tools
  • Jurisprudence solution to assess learning results
  • Submission of progress reports to the College, etc.
  • Progress and completion verification
  • Multi-platform learning (video, slideshow, pdfs)
  • e-Assessment and standardised reporting
  • App-based tools
  • Online database synced across user multiple devices
  • Skills assessment and achievement tracking
  • Needs-based creation of learning goals

Compliance Testing Software

Quizbase received top grades as a testing platform. This full-featured, customizable, web enabled online testing application is used to create, implement and track quizzes, and is written directly to your database. QuizBase automates test scoring and provides a number of indispensable tools to simplify test creation and administration, while ensuring test reliability, conformity and integrity. QuizBase has emerged as a leading platform for testing competency in regulated professions with complex and multifaceted evaluation requirements.

Key functionality includes:

  • Nine-sets of question types
  • Customizable pass settings
  • Ability to value/weight individual questions
  • Anti-plagiarism scoring
  • Ability to set number of tries
  • Hint features
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Full-Service eLearning Development

When you want to create an engaging course or training program using the latest tools, technologies and proven eLearning strategies – perhaps it’s time to bring in the professionals. ICOM writes, designs, and develops your learning programs as part of an integrated, full-service solution. Their talented in-house team brings next-level expertise in video production, motion graphics, virtual reality simulations and beyond. They’re a collaborative partner that is able to work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to deliver unforgettable, award-winning training programs – and exceptional results.

  • Course writing, design and planning
  • Video production (writing, directing, shooting, editing)
  • Animation and graphic design (2D and 3D motion graphics)
  • Interactive virtual reality simulations
  • Multiple course creation platforms

Full-Service eLearning Development

Don’t have the internal expertise and resources to develop complex (and compelling) eLearning programs in-house? Canada’s leading banks, financial institutions, automotive brands, healthcare providers and retails have entrusted their training and educational content to Pathways. Pathways is a dedicated, full-service agency that provides custom training and eLearning programs, content and technologies to clients across all industries and sectors. They’re a partner in your success: from discovery to curriculum development to digital design and delivery.

Comprehensive consulting and creative services include:

  • eLearning/mLearning
  • Instructional design and facilitation
  • 2D & whiteboard animations
  • Customized LMS design and Implementation
  • Virtual reality (360 video development)
  • Infographics
  • Gamification & simulation
  • Change management consulting

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