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Sales Training

Online Sales Training

Sales Enablement Training Online

Online sales enablement training can encompass any activity, training, tool, coaching or practice that helps support sales. This includes providing the information, tools, research and training your sales team needs to be effective and impactful.

Today, organizations of all types and sizes are providing access to all the necessary education and training that a sales team needs to flourish through eLearning. Online training has proven to be an effective solution for improving the skills, knowledge and attributes of your sales force to maximize success.

Platforms for Sales Teams to Manage Partners and Clients


A LMS (learning management system) is geared toward educators looking to provide training to employees or to regulated professions. For sales training across a large or mid-size organization, an LMS can be used for onboarding or for providing the framework for sales employees to learn valuable sales skills through a fully digital learning vertical.


A Partner Relationship Management tool, or PRM, allows corporations to deliver consistent sales, training, communication and marketing programs to its employees, and to all relevant partners within an extended channel network of dealers, suppliers, contractors and agencies. Anywhere in the world. (See example below).


A Customer Relationship Management tool, or CRM, is a software that helps businesses manage any and all communications with current clients and potential prospects. CRMs can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises and are very helpful in managing customer data, as well as engaging and building connections with leads and clients.

For more information on online sales training platforms, visit our Product Solutions page.

Sales Enablement and LMS Software for Training Employees

There are many different types of sales enablement solutions for training employees. A sales enablement tool is a software or system that connects your content, marketing and sales cycle, enabling you to follow sales processes from beginning to end.

Most systems can provide detailed analytics to measure what is or is not working. Sales enablement platforms should serve as a dashboard for your entire sales network, offering easily accessible marketing, content and sales analytics insights for tracking and cross-referencing.

A good sales enablement training software should offer the following capabilities:

  • Sales content management
  • Sales engagement
  • Sales intelligence
  • Account and opportunity planning
  • Video coaching practice
  • Sales management
  • CRM – dependent on the scale or size of a business

Case Study: Sales Training for Dealerships, Manufacturers, Associations and Suppliers

For manufactures who rely on a network of dealerships, associations, suppliers and other channel partners, enlisting an eLearning solution for sales training is an investment that has a direct impact on their bottom-line ability to sell product. Any manufacturer with a regional or national presence should be looking to centralize and streamline sales, training, lead flow management, systems, channel performance and more. This is where a PRM system will provide an advantage over an LMS solution.

With a PRM system, you should be looking for a single solution to support multiple needs, including:

  • Hiring & Onboarding
  • Training Programs
  • Lead Flow Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Incentive Programs
  • Measurement & Analysis

Before choosing a software for your sales team, it is important to identify your company’s needs and goals, as well as requirements for system compatibility.

A PRM system will help sales teams manage relationships with partners who sell, service and support their products – while also providing tracking on inventory, pricing, discounting and operations. Your PRM systems should allow for seamless integration with your core enterprise platforms.

Sales Training Solutions

What PRM system are Fortune 500 firms using?

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