Cloud-Based PRM for Manufacturers

Distribution channels help manufacturers grow, but effectively managing a network of dealers and distributors in an increasingly digital world can be a challenge without the right tools and platforms. TLN’s cloud-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform is designed specifically for manufacturers to manage and grow their dealer network (and sales) by solving six major challenges:

  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Managing Lead Flow
  • Training & Enablement
  • Integrating Systems
  • Developing Incentives
  • Measuring What Matters

Customers & Solutions

The distribution channel relies on communication, but disconnected systems between manufacturers and dealers make communication a constant battle, from onboarding to lead distribution to incentives. TLN’s PRM gives manufacturers  a platform to streamline communications and connect and manage dealer operations in one place.

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Partner Opportunities

Change is happening in the manufacturing industry, and TLN partners are a driving force of innovation and digital transformation. Our technology and solutions partners have access to our leading PRM platform and grow their business through strong business partnerships and a solution that delivers more success for their customers.

Basics of Managing Your Distribution Channel

Managing your distribution channel is complex, and each part of your dealer network is unique and presents different challenges. So where do you start? We’ve identified some basic principles to channel management that can help you get started.

Distribution Channel

See How the PRM Helps Connect Distribution Channels