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Find Your HR Scenario

You’re a human resources manager. You are committed to keeping your company and its personnel up-to-date on required trainings in addition to providing well-designed onboarding for new employees and professional development to keep everyone abreast of changes and updates in the industry. It is one of your most important roles. This not only helps employees learn new skills, but also keeps them current on company policies and procedures.

But it’s a lot. We know.

The Learning Network is designed to help. Consider these four HR scenarios with solutions:

  1. You are an HR manager in the healthcare sector. One of your responsibilities is making sure the professionals in your organization have access to continuing professional education. You turn to Trellis because it is the gold standard. It provides a complete learning management framework with the tools and advanced functionality you need. Trellis is scalable. This means it can meet your needs whether your organization has 100 or 100,000 learners. More important, Trellis is also HIPAA compliant for continuing professional education in the healthcare sector.
  2. You are an HR manager who just needs a quick and easy way to present a training course that looks professional and can cover the information you need. But you don’t have the time to go through a training course to be able to present a training course. Breaze® is your solution. It’s ease of use and affordability makes it a great option for smaller companies.
  3. You are an HR manager who is tasked with overseeing competence and compliance. SkilSure is a fully customizable LMS that allows for self-assessment and benchmarking against the standards of your industry. SkilSure also allows for updates so that you can make sure your courses and programs are keeping up with changes.
  4. You are an HR manager who knows your company could benefit from a team of professionals. ICOM writes, designs, and develops your learning programs as part of an integrated, full-service solution. ICOM’s talented team will work with you to design a program that meets all of yours needs and will provide exceptional results.

In order to help employees grow and develop, HR managers must provide a variety of training and development opportunities. This includes both formal training programs and individualized eLearning opportunities that employees can access on their own time. Formal training programs can provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their jobs. These programs should be tailored to the specific needs of the company, and they should be regularly updated to keep up with changes in the industry. In addition to formal training, human resource managers should also offer employees opportunities to learn on their own time. This means providing access to resources, such as eLearning courses, that can help employees improve their skills.

The Learning Network has the solution for all of your training needs. Visit our website to discover all of our eLearning options.