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Including a variety of content in elearning

Have you ever considered how you learn best? What about your own employees or students as eLearners?

As you know, each person learns differently. Some learn by seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), and by doing (kinesthetic). Some even learn best by reading and then writing. They are the ones always with a paper and pencil as they learn or participate in meetings. Since learners all absorb information differently, it is important to have a variety of learning modalities within your eLearning content.

Let’s take a look at the content capabilities available to you through ICOM Productions, one of the eLearning product solutions available through The Learning Network.

We do want to first note that we use Storyline as a delivery tool in tailoring your company’s unique online learning needs. This means we write, design, and develop your learning using creative tools we have available. Let’s dive in!


ICOM offers all-inclusive video services to create world-class learning videos that stimulate behavioural change and convey and emotional connection. This capability starts with pre-production and includes video shoots to post-production. We even have an in-house video team to handle all aspects of your video needs!

Motion Graphics

Whether you’re looking to create an emotional connection with learners, simplify complex ideas, or explore interactive experiences, motion graphics offers a range of exciting benefits. Our motion graphics team infuses every learning solution with innovative and engaging visuals that get the point across.

Virtual Reality

VR opens up a whole world of training possibilities through simulated, real-world experiences that place learners in the heart of the action. Through this learners can explore new areas of learning, build muscle memory, and practice psychomotor skills.


The power of 3D gives learners a fresh perspective on your business no matter what your industry or topic. We have a talented team of 3D artists who design and build custom 3D graphics based on your specific learning needs.

You may be concerned about having a tight budget or a short timeline yet still wanting learning quality. There is no need to worry! We offer Rise, which is the perfect solution for fast, affordable learning that’s written, designed and developed in Rise.

Whether you already know exactly how you want to use one or more of these capabilities or only know you want to expand beyond just having words for learners to read, we are ready to talk with you! Contact us today at sales@icomproducations.ca, call us at 403-543-5151 ext 8, or visit our website to learn more and even sign up for a free 30-minute discovery call with us. Let’s work on something great together!

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