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Rewarding your elearners

How are you rewarding your eLearners for completing their required trainings or modules?

We all like recognition. Some may not like it in large group settings, but we all like to know that what we have completed is more than just an item on an overall check list.

Here are some ways you can consider rewarding your eLearners. They’re cost-effective, so don’t worry about breaking your organization’s budget :)

Create Badges and Leaderboards

Badges and leaderboards within training curriculum is a great way to allow learners to view their progress and even make it visible to others. These can create a healthy level of competition as well as instantly highlight an eLearner’s progress. You can make these as simple or elaborate as you want as well as provide for them to be automatic or optional.

Create an Official Certificate

Certification is powerful! Consider the name of your eLearning curriculum. Would it be easy for your eLearner to add it to their resume or LinkedIn profile? Does the name convey what they have learned? Can the name be abbreviated in any way? It’s more than just adding it to the resume or profile. It also includes ways to make it visible to others. How often are certificates sent along to HR and never seen again once they are in the employee’s personal file, whether electronic or paper? Encourage employees to showcase these certificates. You may even want to offer simple framing solutions!

Offer Financial and Reward Incentives

Who doesn’t like to find an unexpected incentive in any process? Consider incorporating gift cards, of an amount appropriate to your budget, for those who complete the certification. These could be for online retailers, brick-and-mortar chains or even local to you retailers, entertainment venues, and restaurants. What better way to also build your community presence than incorporate local businesses in the incentive. Some even write eLearning goals into bonus structures for employees.

If your budget won’t support these, think of other ways. It could be providing lunch (or even bringing in a food truck) once all employees have completed their curriculum. It could be providing highlighted parking places for a day or two after an employee completes their training. For remote workers, it could be an item shipped to their house, just don’t limit it to branded marketing items that will only end up in a drawer some where! It could also be as simple as a shout out email when learning is completed. Your incentives can be as unique as your budget and creativity allow. Your marketing and human resources departments may be able to help with further ideas!

Through all of these incentives, keep in mind the goal of creating an environment where continual learning is encouraged! At Pathways, part of The Learning Network products and solutions offerings for eLearning, our online training solutions are customized for your brand and learning needs. We work to ensure that each module’s design reinforces participant knowledge through a compelling, interactive, and relevant experience. We look forward to telling you more about our solutions when you contact us at 888.961.6011 x 121, info@pathwaysinc.ca, or visit our website.